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Support Tip of the Month: Viewing Projects when Logging Time and Expenses

Posted by Meredith Zachritz on 9/2/15 8:00 AM

How can I view my projects and project information when logging my project time and expenses in the Journyx system?  

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Monday Link Ups: Hey, Nonprofits, here's how to bootstrap your time management

Posted by Alyssa Scavetta on 8/31/15 11:14 AM

If time = money, nothing is more lamentable in the nonprofit sector than seeing time wasted. This doesn't just apply to those in the nonprofit industry either; this is a pervasive problem that applies across the board. In fact, wasted time is so rampant in Corporate America that in last years' annual "2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey", found that, "twenty-four percent of survey respondents said Google is the biggest online time-waster, with Facebook nipping at the search giant’s heels garnering 23%. LinkedIn came in third with 14%, followed by Yahoo (7%), Amazon (2%), YouTube (2%), ESPN (2%), and Pinterest, Twitter, and Craigslist each receiving 1%."

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Monday Link Ups: Keeping Your Company's Finances in Shape

Posted by Alyssa Scavetta on 8/24/15 10:48 AM

If we've learned anything since the stock market tumble in 2008, it's that the market is a fickle thing. No one knows this fact better than corporate financial officers who's daily job is spent adhering to strict governmental regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, accurately reporting on quarterly numbers and also trying to meet long-term goals.

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Monday Link Ups: How to Make Expense Reports Suck Less

Posted by Alyssa Scavetta on 8/17/15 4:55 PM

The dreaded expense report. There are a million ways that this seemingly simple task can go wrong, and even more ways to fix it.

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The Science Behind Really Great Project Management

Posted by Curt Finch on 8/12/15 11:22 AM

Project management is one of the most misunderstood job functions in the business world. Even so, it's estimated that this decade will experience double-digit growth in the industry, resulting in 15.7 million new project management jobs being created.

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Monday Link Ups: Best Indicators You Need a New Accounting System

Posted by Alyssa Scavetta on 8/10/15 11:28 AM

If you're still printing out important personnel information and filing them away in cabinets, using spreadsheets, or simply documenting your expenses on loose leaf paper, you might have some software implementation to do. Accounting standards as of 2015 have shifted immensely into an age where in order to stay SOX or DCAA compliant, you need all of your practices documented, signed off on, and measured in a credible, reliable software system.

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Support Tip of the Month: 2 Ways to Make Entering Your Time Easier

Posted by Meredith Zachritz on 8/5/15 9:36 AM

Journyx entry screens include a variety of features to make completing a timesheet quick and easy.  2 features that reduce the amount of time required to create a new entry include memorized entries and “look back” entries.

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Monday Link Ups: Top 4 Time Management Vlogs

Posted by Alyssa Scavetta on 8/3/15 10:01 AM

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, "lost time is never found again.” And while that may sound like a productivity buzzkill, it's oftentimes true. This issue is so rooted in our culture that companies like MindTools have produced a test to verify how good you are at managing your time, and according to TechCrunch, mobile apps geared toward productivity have "doubled their share from 2% to 4%" year over year.

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And the Winner of our 2015 Scholarship Program is...

Posted by Curt Finch on 7/31/15 1:30 PM

...Drum roll, please! 

We have officially completed the Journyx scholarship review process, and with more than 50 applicants for the program, this year's pick was a tough decision. That's why we're pleased to announce Allenrachelle Fontenot as our winner of this year's program for her essay on time management in and out of the military, as well as in her collegiate studies.

Check out her winning essay below!

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These 4 Tech Trends Will Help You Stay on Task

Posted by Curt Finch on 7/29/15 8:30 AM

We're halfway through 2015 and there's no better time than the present to evaluate what trends have had some of the biggest impact, and will continue to do so as we enter the latter half of the year. Whether you're a developer, manager, business owner or investor, these four trends are sure to help you stay on task.

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