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Time Saving Tip: Manage Your Email Inbox Like a Superhero

Posted by Christa Freeland on 3/30/12 1:33 PM

Technology can either make us feel like we’re superhuman or it can be a super drag.  One area that makes most of us want to pull our hair out is our email inbox. Email can easily become too cluttered to be managed and it affects the sender and the recipient. I have experienced numerous times where my email gets lost in the shuffle and I am asked to resend important information so the recipient can finally find my email.

But what if your email could be clean and automated?  What if email could make you feel powerful instead of inefficient?

Boomerang is an inbox management tool for Gmail and Outlook.  With Boomerang you can…

  • Schedule emails
  • Track email responses
  • Send email back to your inbox for a later date

Boomerang is also available on your mobile phone, so you can manage your email on the go.  I think Boomerang is an awesome idea.  I’m already used to sending email with scheduling capabilities via our marketing automation tool, so I can see how useful this feature could be for my own personal email.  No more forgetting birthdays or looking like a spammer to new network connections!  The more I read about Boomerang, the more I feel empowered by this tool and what it can accomplish for the user.

Does managing your time with effective technology make you feel like a superhero?  Let our readers know so they can feel superhuman as well.

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