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What’s Your PTO Policy?

Posted by Christa Freeland on 2/24/12 3:03 PM

Many U.S.-based companies (including Journyx) didn’t have a company holiday for President’s day this past Monday.  Why is that?  It’s not a surprise that many Americans found themselves at work last Monday considering that we work more hours than almost any other industrialized country.  Watch what David Lazarus of The LA Times has to say about American work hours:

Maybe you are currently trying to implement a paid time off (PTO) policy in your company.  If so, read what our CEO has to say about starting a new PTO policy.  Even though the U.S. government doesn’t mandate it, vacation time is important to provide for your employees.  Not only does it boost morale and decrease stress, but some of our mostcreative ideas happen during times of rest.  Remember, you’ll need an easy way to approve and track time off in your company so that PTO will be a great benefit instead of a headache.

Do you like your company’s PTO policy?  Tell us with a comment.

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