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Q&A: Will Government Agencies Contact You If You Lost the Contract?

Posted by Christa Freeland on 3/21/12 2:04 PM

Q&A: Will Government Agencies Contact You If You Lost the Contract?This Q&A was taken from our Journyx webinar series featuring Wes Fue entitled “Federal Government Contracting-It’s a Whole New World!” For more information, sign up for an upcoming webinar or check our archives for previously recorded webinars.

This is an excellent question. Unfortunately, the answer is that they do not have to. While agencies do release the final competitor standings they do not necessarily advise across the board. For a business that is waiting for a decision to proceed on certain other business operations, this information can be crucial. Therefore, it is a good idea to stay on top of the contracting agency and ask for a debrief if you have submitted a contract and know that submissions close on a set date. You can also wait a couple of weeks to see if a decision has been made if you are uncertain of the close date. Finally, it is a good idea to find out where you stood in relation to the other competitors if you do not win the contract because most agencies will base their decision on a relatively fair scoring system.

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